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What’s the use of having a blog…

if  I don’t post all the neat-o stuff I’m doing.

Okay…maybe neat-o is a stretch.

I have all these big plans for this blog. I want it to be as cool as all of the other blogs I obsessivly pour over enjoy reading from time to time.

I am however discovering that being all documentary style in your blogging means you practically have to carry a camera with you everywhere and stage elaborate photo shoots. Whatever. I’ll get there.

In the meantime I will probably use this blog as my crafting to do list and a place to repost all the amazing-more-creative-than-me-photoshoot-staging blogs that I stalk admire.

My newest obsession is the blog The Art of Doing Stuff, total girl crush.

Check out this post on how to make a outdoor fire pit for crazy cheap. Love.


Completely Confused…

Well, I’ve started this blog, and already I feel completely inadequate. Heading to amazon to see if they make WordPress for Dummies.